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Welcome to the Haunted House, everyone. Stay tuned for some news from Mr. Daniel Waters himself!
It's that time of the year again! School is starting! How many new zombie friends will you make?

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 Hidden Secrets

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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:48 pm

Kat wanted me to post this.

Every town has its secrets. Basking Ridge is no different. The town has had an equal balance until Molly and her father moved to town. Now with the balance uneven will Basking Ridge secrecy be destroyed? Or will the change help the town. Who knew one girl could do such damage.

Chapter 1- First day

Today was the first day of school. First days were pretty routine. I was starting my junior year this year. Of course it wouldn’t be my life if something didn’t change. I was starting a new school. That wasn’t weird for me. What was weird for was the fact it would be the first time I would be going to school without my twin Holly. Now don’t worry she didn’t die.
I've lived in Hoboken since I was born. My mom works in the city for a magazine so living there made the commute quite easy. My dad runs an arcatech business right in Hoboken so it was easy for him too. My dad decided he wanted a bigger office. He looked around and found this really nice place in this town called Basking Ridge. He didn’t want to commute so said he wanted to move there. Yeah that idea so did not fly with my mom. She wanted to stay because it was much easier from Hoboken to the city then from Basking Ridge. Now my parents didn’t get a divorce. They just live in two different towns. Holly and I were not supposed to choose who we wanted to live with but we didn’t think it was fair to dad to live by himself.
I was putting on my favorite necklace when my phone started to vibrate. It was a text from Holly.
Good Luck 2day. Wont be the same w/out u. Call me later so we can talk like normal. Miss u!
I smiled and texted back.
Same 2 u. Miss u 2!
I gave one last glance in the mirror and went down stairs. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the counter. I picked it up and read it.

Sorry I'm not here. Had to go to work early today. Good luck today hun. Knock em dead.
Love Dad.
I rolled my eyes and threw the note out. The doorbell rang and I knew it was my neighbor Britt. I took an apple off the counter and grabbed my bag off the chair. I opened the door and locked it behind me.
“Hey. Excited for your first day?” She greeted me.
“Hey. I guess. How excited can you be for school?” I said with a laugh. We started walking to school.
She laughed too. “That is very true but it’s a new school so that means new everything.”
“I guess it will be nice to not be mistaken for my sister anymore.” I said
“Girl you are way too pretty to be mistaken for anyone now.” She said.
“Have you looked in the mirror lately my friend?” I said with a laugh.
She was pretty. From her blond straight hair to hazel eyes to her pale skin. Me on the other hand, I had brown straight hair deep blue eyes and pale skin. My features didn’t complement each other like hers did.
“I’ll let you in on a little secret Molly, I'm only friends with pretty people.” She said with a laugh.
I couldn’t help but laugh. “That so did not make you sound shallow.”
“I know right? Just wait till you meet Chris and her sister Kat.” She said.
“They aren’t some shallow Barbie dolls are they?” I whined.
“Far from it. Spoiled hell yea but not shallow. Like I said I'm only friends with pretty people not shallow people.” She said with a smile.
“Oh.” I said feeling a little dumb. We had arrived at the school by then. Britt dragged me inside and I hoped that I would like it here.

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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:49 pm

It was reassuring that it didn’t look much different then my old school. Britt pulled me down a hallway with green lockers. We had stopped at one when she said
“Ya know you were quite talkative until you got here. You haven’t gone mute on me have you?”
A boy with blond brown hair and deep brown eyes interrupted me before I got to answer her. “Well Britt all you ever do is talk. How can she say something if you never stop?”
“I do not always talk. Like I said Riley she was fine until we got here.” She said glaring at him. If there was ever a time where I felt invisible as air it would be now.
“Britt she is new so maybe she is a little what’s that word again, oh yea shy.” He said sarcastically.
“Why would she be shy? She knows me.” She said.
“That’s not saying much.” He said with a laugh.
“Ha ha very funny Riley.” She glared at him.
“I only speak the truth.” He laughed again.
“If you would stop taking for like five seconds maybe she would be able to answer me.” She said sounding annoyed.
“Hey that goes the same for you. You keep talking to me like she..----
I interrupted him by yelling “GUYS!!! I'm right here. Would you please stop talking about me like I'm not. You can fight over my shyness when I'm not around. ok?”
“Sorry.” They said at the same time.
“Let me properly introduce myself. I'm Riley Ridge.” He said with a smile.
“Nice to meet you Riley I'm Molly Sanson.” I smiled back.
“Do you have a boy friend Molly?” He asked.
“No, Why?” I asked a little lost.
“Good because all the single boys here are going to eat you up.” He smiled again.
“Riley!!!!” Britt yelled.
“What?” she asked
“Inappropriate much?” she said.
“You need to get your mind out of the gutter my dear.” He said. He took my arm and pulled me away from Britt.
“Now Molly I’ll be your escort for the day. Let me see your schedule so I know where I have to take you for homeroom.” He said. I handed him and looked at Britt for an answer. She just rolled her eyes.
“Well look at that you have homeroom right by me and no where near Britt. Well I guess we will see you later Britt. Let’s go Molly.” He took my arm and pulled me down the same direction Britt and I had come from before.
Now let me tell you Riley was so not kidding about the guys. When we were walking down what he called the main hallway I had gone from invisible as air to a celebrity in a crowded room. Talk about a drastic change.
“Why is everyone staring at me?” I whispered to Riley.
“Everyone wants to know who’s that girl on Riley’s arm.” He said with a smile.
I let out a little laugh. “And you are so not conceited.”
“I don’t mean to be but its true. I told you all the guys would be looking at you.” He said.

We had reached my classroom by that point. I let go of Riley and walked into the room. The teacher had placed cards on the desks with every ones last name. I was ever so lucky to be the first seat in the first row. There were some other kids on the other side of the room but they didn’t acknowledge my presence. I had gone back to being invisible. Which was nice from being in the hallway. It also meant I was alone. I realized that Britt and Riley were my comfort zones. Without them around I was all alone. Being alone wasn’t something I was used to and it was something I didn’t want to get used to. I was debating if I should go and stand in the hallway when a girl with jet black hair and dark brown eyes came up to me.
“Hey you’re Molly Right?” She said with a smile.
“Yea I am. How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I saw Riley on my way here and he told me that the new girl Molly is in my homeroom.” She said.
“I should have figured he said something.” I said feeling a little stupid.
“I'm Vivienne Starr but you can call me Viv.” She said.
“Its nice to meet you Viv.” I said with a smile.
“Same to you Molly. My seat is on the other side of the room so we’ll talk during lunch ok?” She said.
“Ok.” I said. I wondered how she knew when I had lunch and that we had it at the same time. Then I remembered Riley had my schedule. I had a feeling being friends with him would be a blessing and a curse. The bell had rang and everyone else had come in. No one else stopped to talk to me, which was nice and also meant they haven’t talked to Riley which was also a plus. The teacher took attendance and assigned us lockers. We went to put our stuff in them and make sure they worked. I’ll give you one guess of whose locker was next to mine.
“Did you make sure your locker was right next to mine Riley?” I said rolling my eyes.
“What would you do if I said yes?” He asked.
“Yell at you. You are acting very stalkerish Riley.” I said.
“Ok maybe I asked the office to switch my locker next to yours so I could help you out.” He said with a smile.
“Riley you are definitely stalking me and it’s very creepy.” I said sarcastically. I tried my locker and got it open on the first try. I was putting my stuff in there when Viv walked over.
“Very clever Riley.” She said rolling her eyes.
“What did I do?” he said shrugging his shoulders.
“Ridge and Sanson are ever so close in alphabet.” She said.
“I've come to the conclusion that he is stalking me.” I said closing my locker. Viv laughed and Riley glared at her. Viv and I walked back to the room and left Riley standing there.
“Does he stalk every new girl that comes here?” I asked her.
She laughed. “Him and Donnie have named themselves as the welcoming committee here.”
“Who’s Donnie?” I asked her a little confused.
“You haven’t met Donnie yet? He’s exactly like Riley just a little different.” She said.
“Oh. This isn’t good for me is it?” I asked.
“No. Donnie is a little more touchy feely type person.” She said.
“Aren’t I just the luckiest person in the world.” I said sarcastically.
“I'm afraid so girl.” She said sympathetically. We had gone back into the room and the bell had rang.
“I’ll see you in lunch.” Viv said heading in one direction. I saw Riley standing right outside of the room.
“Where do I go first?” I asked him not remembering my schedule.
“English and I think you have it with my friend Donnie.” He said. I mumbled crap knowing he wouldn’t hear me. I thought I could have gone longer without seeing Donnie but I guess that wasn’t going to happen.
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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:51 pm

We had reached the room when a saw a guy with short black and blue eyes looking right at us. I didn’t ask Riley who it was. I knew it was Donnie.
“Well hello there beautiful.” He said taking my hand and kissing the top of it. “Every one has been talking about you and now I know why. I'm Donnie Baske.” He said not letting go of my hand. Viv was not lying Donnie.
“Nice to meet you Donnie I'm Molly.” I said with a smile.
“Its nice to meet you too. Riley why didn’t you tell me about her?” he asked looking at Riley.
“Finders keepers my friend.” He said with a smile.
“Ah but sharing is caring my friend.” He said finally letting go of my hand.
“Since when do I share?” he said.
I backed away slowly figuring that they were too busy bickering to notice I left. I was paying more attention to them then to where I was going. I accidentally walked right into someone.
“Sorry.” I said turning around to apologize. I had walked right into girl with bleach blond hair blue eyes and light tan skin.
“Its no biggie. Those two can get pretty bad sometimes.” She said noticing Donnie and Riley. “I'm Chris by the way. You must be that knew girl everyone is talking about.”
“Yea I am. Its nice to meet to you Chris I'm Molly.” I said.
“Were where you headed Molly?” She asked.
“That room right there.” I said pointing to the classroom I was supposed to be in.
“I’ll walk you while they bicker.” She said.
“That sounds good to me.” I said. She had walked me to the door and yelled. “Hey Guys!!! Missing Something?” She pointed to me and walked away laughing. I laughed too as they walked over to me.
“Don’t ever bother starting again. Riley go to your class and Donnie get your butt in here.” I said. They both glared at each other and I rolled my eyes at them. I pulled Donnie into the room and Riley walked away. The teacher said we could sit wherever we want so Donnie sat next to me. The whole period all Donnie did was make faces at me. The bell rang and I was off to second period wherever that was. Donnie put his arm around me. Riley was outside waiting to take me to my next class. He said I had math. The both of them walked me to class. I'm not going to lie it was a little weird. They didn’t fight the whole way there, which was quite nice since I was between the two of them. Donnie let go once we got to the room. They went into to different directions, which I thought was good. I walked in relieved seeing Britt sitting there. I sat in the seat next to her. She was talking to a boy with brown hair.
“Hi.” He said looking at me.
“Hey Molly. Molly this is Nate. Nate this is Molly.” She said Cheerfully.
“Hi.” I said with a wave.
“Chris told me you met her and Donnie.” She said.
“I didn’t mean to meet Chris. I was trying to get away from Donnie and Riley and I walked right into her.” I said.
“Whoa wait. You’re the new girl!!” Nate said loudly. Britt and I both looked at him.
“Sorry. Everyone is talking about you.” He said
“What did you do to get all this attention?” She asked.
“Riley decided to walk me down the main hallway and then Donnie and him got into a fight about me before second period.” I said putting my hand over my face.
“Oh I'm sorry you had to go through that. Those boys don’t think I swear.” She said putting her hand on my arm.
“Well at least they aren’t saying bad things about you.” Nate said trying to fix things.
“Nate how come you are the only guy I met so far who hasn’t obsessed over me?”
“You haven’t met Ace yet.” He said avoiding the question.
“Who’s he? Please don’t tell me he’s like Donnie and Riley.” I said putting my head on the desk.
“No not really. Let me put it this way, whatever Ace wants he gets. So let’s just hope he doesn’t like you when he meet you.” She said. I groaned. It was only second period and already I wanted to go back to Hoboken. The rest of the period was a blur. I was too busy thinking about how I was going to get rid of Donnie and Riley and get out of meeting this Ace guy.
The bell had rang and my freedom time was over. I still didn’t have a plan but I figured the girls could help me with one. I walked out of the class slowly and of course Riley was right there.
“What’s next?” I asked him noticing Donnie wasn’t around.
“Illustration.” He said looking at me.
“Sweet.” I was pretty excited since I loved drawing. The walk there was silent on the way there. It wasn’t an awkward silence but it was kind of strange. When we got there Riley said nothing still and just kept walking. I shrugged it off and walked into the room. I saw Nate sitting at one of the tables so I sat next to him.
“Hey long time no see.” I joked.
“Yeah it had been a long time.” He laughed. The class had started and it was sadly the first one I actually paid any attention in. Our teacher name was Miss H. Her hair was dyed red, she had pale skin, her eyes were dark brown and she had her nose pierced. She gave us folders and told us to draw whatever we wanted. She said she wanted to see our creativity. Nate and I didn’t talk the rest of the class. We were both pretty into our folders. I jumped when the bell rang. I left my folder on the table like she had said to do and walked out of the room. Riley was leaning against wall.
“You don’t have to go very far. Your next class is right next door.” He said.
“And that class would be?” I asked.
“Design in every day life.” He said.
“Ok I’ll see you soon then.” I said then walked into the room. I tried to sound cheerful. I wanted to ask what happened to him after his fight with Donnie but I felt like I was butting in. I saw Chris and a girl that looked just like her only with brown hair next to her. I sat in the seat on the other side of her.
“Hey Molly. This is my sister Kat. She’s a freshman.” She said.
“Hey Kat.” I said with a Smile.
“Hey Molly. Must you inform everyone that I'm a freshmen Chris?” She asked.
“Yes I do. It very fun.” She said with a laugh. Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention in this class either. I was worried about Riley. I now felt bad about trying to make a plan to avoid him. When the bell rang I darted out of the class. Riley was leaning against the same wall.
“Where off to now?” I asked him.
“Our lockers. Its lunch time.” He said.
“Coolness. Can I ask for a favor? I asked.
“Sure why not.” He said.
“Can you please not take me through the main hallway again.” I said with a pout.
“Whatever makes you happy Molly.” He said with a smile. We walked to our lockers and got what we needed for the rest of the day. We walked to the cafe and he seemed to be back to normal Riley.
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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:53 pm

It was really nice when we walked in and no one stared at me. Everyone was to busy socializing to notice. We sat with Nate, Britt and Viv and Chris and Kat came and sat with us too.
“Do you want to come to the lunch line with me?” Riley asked.
“We avoided the main hallway and no one noticed when we walked in but I’d rather not push my luck.” I said feeling a little bad.
“Ok. I’ll be back soon then.” He said then walked away. I took out my apple that I never ate this morning, a small bag of sour patch kids and a bottle of green tea.
“That’s all you’re eating?” Riley said sitting back down. Donnie had come with him.
“I'm not a big lunch eater.” I said taking a bite of my apple.
“So anymore attention whoring today?” Britt asked taking my sour patch kids.
“Like I said before it’s gone down.” I said.
“Nice way to jinx yourself.” Riley said. I looked at him confused and then looked where he was looking. I saw a boy with spiky blond hair and blue eyes walking towards our table. Once again I didn’t have to ask who it was. I knew it was Ace.
“My day was actually getting better until now.” I groaned.
“Well think of it this way my dear, we are all here to make you look busy so he won’t talk for long. It would me much worse if he found you alone.” Donnie said. I decided to ignore the fact that he was walking towards us and just ate my apple. I didn’t know he reached us until he spoke.
“You must be Miss Molly who everyone is buzzing about. I'm Ace Von Don.” He said grinning.
“Hi Ace.” I said with a straight face.
“Well enjoy your lunch with your friends Molly. I’ll catch you later ok?” He said and turned around and walked away. I rolled my eyes and finished my apple.
“So how screwed am I now?” I asked the group.
“Well you might have to spend some time alone with him to get rid of him.” Britt said.
I put my head down on the table and said. “I want to go back Hoboken!”
“NO!!” Riley and Donnie said at the same time. I looked up at the both of them and everyone else looked at them too.
“Don’t you think that it is a little dramatic to do that?” Riley said quickly.
“Yea Molly he’s just one guy.” Donnie added.
“I'm so tired of being breaking news!!” I said.
“It will die down.” Riley said.
“Yea just give it some time.” Donnie added.
“Fine I’ll stay.” I sighed.
“Good.” They said at the same time.
“Would you two stop that, its kind of creepy.”? Britt said.
“Sorry.” They said.
“How about the both of you just stop talking.” Viv said. It was silent for a while. I decided to break the silence.
“So what do I have next?” I asked Riley.
“You have History with the most amazing person ever.” He said.
“Oh cool I have another class with Britt.” I said smiling at her.
“Molly I meant me.” He said not looking very happy.
“Oh.” I said looking down.
“Would you like some ice for that burn Riley?” Britt said with a smile.
“In what way are you amazing Riley? You and her don’t seem to have the same meaning.” Donnie said with a grin.
“I'm pretty sure you know that answer Donnie.” I said smiling.
“Nice one.” Britt said giving me a high five.
“Now darling you should not be having those type of thoughts. You are much too good for that.” Donnie said.
“And how would you know how good I am?” I said still smiling.
“She’s got you there Donnie.” Riley said with a smile. Donnie glared at us and got up to throw his trash out.
“Donnie would you be a doll and throw mine out too please? I’ll give you a little something if you do.” I said flashing him a big smile. He too mine too and walked away. I started laughing. Britt almost fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard. Nate shook his head and laughed.
“And I thought I was bad.” Riley said in between laughs. I didn’t realize that Viv, Chris and Kat had left until Viv said “What’s wrong with her?”
“Molly just proved she is as bad as Riley.” Nate said. He was the only able to stop laughing.
“Molly what did you say?” Chris asked.
“Let’s just say I said some things that could be taken very perverted.” I said being able to finally stop laughing.
“I'm guessing it involved Donnie.” Viv said.
“Yup.” I said
“It always done.” Chris said with a laugh.
“Uh Britt are you ok?” I asked her. Her face was all red and it looked like she wasn’t breathing.
“Yea I'm good.” She said. “See Molly you fit in right with us.”
“Yea I guess I do.” I said. I shook the thought of going back to Hoboken. Basking Ridge was my home now. I had some pretty amazing friends here too.
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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:55 pm

Lunch was over not long after that. Riley and I had gone to history. Our teacher’s name was Mrs. Lee. She was this cute little Chinese woman. Her English was perfect. She made jokes about how she was little and how she hates carrying around books so even though we were bigger we didn’t have to carry a book around either. Once the class was over Riley took me to science. Viv was in there so I sat in the other seat at the table. Our teacher’s name was Dr. Drew. By the way he talked you could tell he was a science geek. He was short, bald and had glasses. He was also funny which was a plus for me because I didn’t like science. He was talking when the bell rang and everyone got up and left before he could finish. Viv pulled me away from Riley and said.
“She’s mine now. You can have her back after this period.”
I didn’t object and neither did Riley. Apparently I had gym. All we did was socialize while they organized us into classes. Once social hour was over Riley took me to study hall. He had study hall with me. He said that we didn’t actually have to stay for study hall. All we had to do is stay for attendance and then we go the office and sign out. This was only offered to juniors and seniors who had study hall last period.
“So do you want to leave?” he asked me.
“What about Britt. I walked with her to school today.
“She has study hall this period too just in a different room.” He said.
“We can leave then. I don’t want to spend time in school when I don’t have to.” I said. We signed in with the teacher and then we went to our lockers and got what we needed. We went to the office and picked Britt up along the way.
We signed out and went on our way to Britt’s house. Once we got there I stopped off at mine first to see if dad had come home and left me another note. There wasn’t one so I wrote him one incase he came home and I was still at Britt’s house.
Went over to Britt’s house.

I went back outside and they were waiting for me. We went into her house and into her room. The three of us sat on her bed in a triangle.
“How was your first day at Ridge Molly?” Riley asked me.
“Not bad enough to send me back a Hoboken.” I said.
“But enough to make you think about it though.” He added.
“Well I'm taking your word that it will get better. If it doesn’t I'm gone and I’ll never talk to you again.” I said.
“Better not eat your words Riley.” Britt said with a smile.
“Shut up Britt.” He said glaring at her.
“What are you gonna do if I don’t?” She said getting in his face.
“Don’t push me Britt.” He warned. Of course Britt being Britt pushed him.
“You think for your age you could be a little more mature. I'm out of here.” He said getting off the bed and grabbing his backpack. He took my hand and pulled me off the bed to take me with him. We didn’t get very far because Britt had my other arm.
“She’s not yours. “She hissed at him. She looked like she was about to pounce on him.
“When you calm down you can have her back.” He said. She let go and he took me back to my house.
“I'm sorry about that. She just gets to me sometimes.” He said not looking at me.
“Its ok. It looked like she was gonna kill you.” I said. I was debating whether I should hug him or not.
“That’s why I took you with me. Its not pretty when she gets like that.” He said finally looking at me.
“Oh.” Was all I could think of.
“I'm sorry if I ruined your day.” He said looking really sad. I hugged him and said
“You didn’t ruin my day. Actually if it wasn’t for you I would probably be on the phone with my dad saying I wanted to go back home.” He responded to this by hugging me tightly and smiling really big.
“I'm happy to have made your day. Do you want to come in?” I said realizing we were still in front of my house.
“Oh crap! I'm sorry I can’t. I told my mom I would give her my opinion before this guy started working on our house. I'm so sorry I’ll call you later.” He said running towards the way to school. I laughed and went inside. I took the note and threw it out. What Riley said had finally clicked. How did he know my number? I figured that he probably took my phone when I wasn’t looking. I took out my phone and proved my theory right. I went up stairs into my room and plopped down on my bed. I was tempted to text Britt but I figured she needed her space. I was also going to text Riley but I decided against that too. I just laid on my bed and waited for my dad to come home.
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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:58 pm

I didn’t realize I had fallen a sleep until my phone started vibrating and scared the crap out of me. Riley was calling me.
“Hey.” I said answering it.
“Hey you will never guess who just left my house.” He said with some excitement.
“Who was it?” I asked.
“Take a guess.” He said.
“Uh… Paris Hilton?” I said jokingly.
“Yeah right. Like that Barbie doll would ever step in New Jersey.” He said.
“I don’t know then.” I said having no clue who was just at his house.
“Take another guess.” He said.
“I give up. Just tell me.” I said.
“I wont tell you just guess.” He said.
“Gah Riley just tell me.” I said starting to get annoyed.
“No you will find out later then.” He said and then hung up. I threw my phone down on my bed and went down stairs to wait for my dad to come home. I was almost down the stairs when my dad yelled
“Ow dad right here.” I said rubbing my ears. I quickly forgave him when I saw that he was holding one of the best part of living in Jersey in his hands. I grabbed the pizza box from his hands and ran into the kitchen. I placed in on the kitchen table and opened the box. It was white pizza, which was my favorite kind. This meant dad had something he wanted to tell me. He put a thing of French fries next to the box so I knew he had to tell me something. I really hoped that it wasn’t something about going back to Hoboken. I got a Vitamin Water from the fridge and sat across from my dad. I took a slice from the box and waited for him to start talking.
“So how was your first day?” He asked.
“It was good.” I said.
“Did you make any new friends?” He asked
“Yes. I made a lot actually.” I said with a smile. Now it was time for him to start talking. “So how was your day?” I asked him.
“It went very well. The Ridge’s are very easy people to work with.” He said taking a bite of his pizza. I dropped my pizza on my plate and looked at him surprised.
“That’s about the same face Riley made when he found out I was your father.” He said with a laugh. “He said that you two were friends.” He continued.
“Yea we are.” I said still a little surprised. This couldn’t be what he had to tell me. There had to be more.
“Well since you two are already friends and I’ll be working ob their house most of them time, Mrs. Ridge invited us over tomorrow. You can just ride to their house with Riley tomorrow right after school.” He said. That is what he had to tell me. I knew this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing. Everyday after school I would be going over to Riley’s house. I wasn’t sure if this bother me or not. I didn’t object to what my dad said. I just sat there and ate my dinner. I really needed to think about this.

She’s gonna break soon. gonna break soon. gonna break soon. ~Less Than Jake

I woke up listening to She’s Gonna Break Soon by Less Than Jake. I really don’t know why but I felt like I could relate to this song some how. I left the music on while I got ready. I decided to dress a little different today. I ended up wear my Asteria band tee, black jeans, my star necklace and my hair up in a ponytail. It was Friday so a( I didn’t care and b( I was too lazy to put an effort into my look. I took my mp3 player out of its charger and went down stairs into the kitchen. Dad wasn’t there so he either left and didn’t write a note or he wasn’t up yet. I got out a package of pop tarts and put them in the toaster while I decided what I wanted to bring for lunch. I picked out a small bag of pretzels, a bottle of green tea and an apple. I put those in my bag. I took the pop tarts out of the toaster and ate them quickly. I took a vitamin water out of the fridge and chugged about half of it and put it back. I put my headphones in, picked up my bag and left the house locking the door behind me. I didn’t bother waiting for Britt. I wanted to walk alone today. Once I got to school I went straight to my locker. I put my mp3 player in there along with my lunch and slammed the door shut. I didn’t realize I had left my phone at home until I got to homeroom and went to check the time. I had also realized that I didn’t bring and didn’t have a sweatshirt in my locker today. I turned my arm over to look at my M tattoo on my wrist. When Holly and I were thirteen, we used to get so annoyed that people couldn’t tell us apart. So over the summer we decided to give ourselves tattoos. Everyday that summer we wrote our first initials on our wrist in black pen and would sit out in the sun all day. We still do that every summer so we don’t have to wait to get them done. I decided that today just wasn’t going to be my day and that She’s Gonna Break Soon was going to be my anthem for the day.
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Just to warn you it gets perverted at one point and some "bad word" usage.

I put my head down on my arms. I felt someone squeeze one of my arms. I assumed it was Viv and I didn’t bother to check to see if I was right. I figured that Riley had told her everything. The bell to go to first period had finally rang. I expected to see Riley right outside but he wasn’t there. I walked to English by myself and prepared myself for Donnie.
I walked into the room and took my seat next to Donnie. He was talking to the person next to him. He turned around and said
“Hey Molly.”
Hey Donnie.” I said with a smile. He turned back around and didn’t talk to me the rest of class. I thought it was strange that he wasn’t talking to me but I was actually able to pay attention in class. The bell rang and off to math I went without Riley or Donnie. Britt wasn’t in there when I got there but Nate was.
“Hey Molly.” He said with a smile.
“Hey Nate. Where’s Britt?” I asked.
“She’s not in school today.” He said.
“Oh ok.” I said. I wondered if it had to anything to do with what happened yesterday. I wasn’t sure if Nate new about it so I didn’t bother bringing it up. I pushed everything to the back of my mind and paid attention the whole class. When class was over Nate asked me
“Are you ready to go table mate?”
“Yea. Let’s go draw!” I said with a laugh. We walked to illustration together. I decided that I was going to give everyone a song that made me think of them. I picked All The Small Things by blink-182 for Nate. When I have a bad or crappy day that song always makes me happy. Nate was the only thing that made me happy today. In Illustration we worked on our folders again. Once it was over I went right next door for Design in Every Day Life. Chris and Kat were already there.
“Hey Molly.” They both said.
“Hey Chris and Kat.” I said.
“Who’s on your shirt?” Kat asked.
“This really cool band called Asteria.” I said.
“Are they any good?” She asked.
“No Kat they are horrible. That’s why she’s wearing their shirt.” Chris said sarcastically.
“Geez Chris it was just a question.” Kat said.
“A stupid one at that.” Chris said rolling her eyes.
“Fine let me rephrase. Do you think I would like them?” Kat asked and Chris rolled her eyes.
“Depends. Who is your favorite band?” I asked Kat.
“Yellowcard.” She said.
“You might. You’ll have to listen to them and decide.” I said.
“I’ll check them out then.”She said.
I picked Yellowcard in general for Kat. I couldn’t think of one of their songs that reminded me of her. Chris didn’t seem to happy today so I picked God Must Hate Me by simple plan for her. I heard mumble something about god so it fit pretty well. When the bell rang I said.
“I’ll see you two at lunch.”
“Yup we’ll be there.” Kat said. I walked out of the room and went to my locker. Riley wasn’t waiting for me there so I got my lunch out and went to the cafe. I saw Viv at the table and Donnie’s stuff next to her. I sat across from her.
“You look better then you did this morning.” She said.
“Yea I had a bad morning. Today is just not my day.”
“Aw. Well later should be fun.” She said with a smile.
“He told you?” I asked even though I already knew the answer.
“More like rubbed it in.” She said. Kat and Chris had sat down and I waved to them both.
“How so?” I asked taking out my lunch.
“Just the way he said it. He made it seem like he was so cool for hanging out with you after school.” She said.
“Eww what a jerk.” I said opening my pretzels.
“Who’s a jerk?” Riley asked sitting down next to me.
“Do you really have to ask that question.” Donnie said sitting down too.
“What did I do?” Riley asked.
“Acting like you were god’s gift because you’re hanging out with her after school.”Donnie said pointing at me.
“I did not act like that.” Riley said.
“Uh yea you did.” Viv said.
“Well then I’m sorry that I acted that way.” Riley said.
“So how come the both of you barely talked to me today?” I asked them both.
“Well you said you were tired of people staring at you so we backed off.” Donnie said.
“And I didn’t want to eat my words so yea.” Riley said.
“Oh ok.” I said.
“Now Riley keep it in your pants and Molly keep your legs closed. I’m too young to be an uncle.” Donnie said.
“Thanks for the advice Donnie.” I said with a laugh.
“Shut up Donnie.” Riley said
“Oh come on Riley he’s just kidding.” I said.
“You should listen to her more often you know and remember no means no.” Donnie said.
“You’re such an asss Donnie.” Riley said sounding very annoyed.
“Riley chill. He means no harm.” I said rubbing his arm.
“Geez Molly when you get tired of this biitch give me call ok?” Donnie said.
“That’s enough Donnie.” I said.
“Sorry Molly. I didn’t mean to offend you.” He said.
“You didn’t offend me. You just went a little too far that’s all.” I said.
“I’m sorry Molly. I couldn’t help myself.” He said.
“So you say sorry to her but not me? What the hell Donnie?” Riley said sounding even more annoyed.
“Riley!” I yelled at him. “He said sorry just let it go.”
“Ok whatever. I’ll see you next period Molly.” He said and then got up and walked away.
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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:04 pm

I was going to go follow him but I figured he just wanted some space.
“What’s up..”
“Donnie!!” I yelled.
“Sorry.” He said looking down. We didn’t talk for the rest of the period. As soon as it was over I ran out of the cafe to history. I was relieved that Riley was in there. I took my seat next to him. We didn’t say a word to each other the whole class. I felt like I should say something but I didn’t know what to say. When the class was over I went straight to science. I felt bad for ignoring Riley but he wasn’t talking to me so I figured we were even. I took my seat next to Viv and put my head down.
“What’s the matter?” She asked.
“My bad day got worse.” I said.
“Riley and Donnie?” She asked.
“Yup. Riley won’t talk to me. I feel really bad.” I said.
“Aw well he has to talk to you sooner than later.” She said trying to comfort me.
I keep my head down the rest of the period and Dr. Drew didn’t seem to care that I did. Viv patted my back when the bell rang and we walked to gym together. We were playing dodge ball and I thought it would be a great way to get out my frustrations. I was doing quite well until some guy wailed one right into my chest. I threw the ball I had in my hand to the ground and walked over to the jail. I sat there until it was time for us to change. I said bye to Viv and went to study hall. Riley wasn’t there so I signed in and left. I went to my locker and then to the office to sign out. I put my headphones in and walked out of the building. I was half way across the parking lot when I saw Riley. When I was a few feet away from him he said
“You got my text.”
“I left my phone at home.” I said pulling out my headphones.
“Were you going to go straight home?” he asked.
“Yea I was because I thought you were mad at me.”I said.
“Do you still want to go straight home?” he asked.
“I won’t if you still want to hang out.. If you don’t I’ll call my dad when I get home and tell him I wanted to check on Britt and keep her company until her parents got home.” I said.
“Get in.” He said turning around and getting in on the driver’s side. I got in on the passenger’s side.
“We’re going to your house so you can get your phone and then we’re going to my house.” He said not looking at me. We got to my house fairly quickly. I got out the rand inside grabbed my phone and ran back out. I got back in the car and we went to his house. The car ride was silent. I got tired of his silence.
“I’m sorry.” I said looking at him.
“What are you sorry for?” He asked not looking at me.
“For what happened at lunch, for not following you to see if you were ok, for not talking to in history, for thinking you wanted space and didn’t want to talk. The only thing I’m not sorry for is you hating me. You have every right to.” I said.
“We’re here.” He said turning off the car and getting out. I got out of the car and stared at his house. It was huge. I followed him to inside trying to hide my shock. We walked into the kitchen where his mom and my dad were.
“Hey mom. Mom this is Molly. Molly this is my mom.” He said.
“It's so nice to finally meet you Molly. I’ve heard a lot about you.” She said with a smile.
“It's nice to meet you too Mrs. Ridge.”I smiled back at her.
“Mom is it ok if Molly and I go down stairs?” He asked.
“Sure. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.” She said.
I followed Riley down stairs wondering why he would want to be alone with me. I laid down on the large sectional and Riley sat by my feet. I put my hands over my eyes and sighed.
“What’s the matter with you?” he asked.
“Everything. Today was not my day to be alive.” I said. Riley pulled me up into his arms and said
“Well if it makes you feel better I’m not mad at you. I didn’t mean to take out my anger on you.” He said with a smile.
“You don’t hate me yay!” I said clapping forgetting about my tattoo.
“What’s that?” He asked.
“What’s what?” I said trying to act like I didn’t know what he was talking about.
It didn’t work so he turned over my arm and traced the M with his finger tip.
“Is it real?” He asked.
“Sort of. It would probably go away if I stopped tracing over it and letting it sit in the sun for hours.” I said
“Let me guess. Holly has one too only hers is an H.” He said looking at me.
“You’re good.” I said with a smile.
“When did the two of you do these?” he asked.
“When we were thirteen.” I said.
“Because you two were so tired of people mixing you up.” He said still looking at me.
“You’re right again.” I said still smiling.
“I’m just that good. That’s why.” He said with a laugh.
“Whatever you say Riley.” I said putting my head on his shoulder. We sat like this for a little while.
“I’m so happy you don’t hate me.” I said.
“Molly you’re so silly.” He said with a laugh.
“Why am I silly?” I asked.
“Because I could never hate you Molly. I love you far too much.” He said.
“You love me?” I asked sitting up and looking him in the eyes.
“Yes Molly I love you.” He said with a smile.
“Aw I love you too Riley.” I said with a smile.
I could tell by the way Riley was looking at me that it would only go downhill from here.
The next few weeks were pretty routine. Get up, go to school, go to Riley’s house and then go home. Britt had come back and was perfectly fine. We never did talk about her little freak out though. I was walking to math and someone had put there arm around me.
“Hey Molly.” Ace said.
“Hey Ace.” I said.
“Where are you off to?” He asked.
“Math. How about you?” I asked.
“History.”He said.
“That’s cool.” I said not knowing what else to say to that.
“God I’m doing this all wrong.” He said.
“What are you doing wrong?” I asked completely lost.
“Do you have plans on Friday?” He asked
“Yea I do I’m sorry.” I said. I actually did feel a little bad.
“Oh well how about Saturday?” he asked.
“Yea we can hang out on Saturday.” I said
“Sweet. I’ll talk to you later Molly.” He said and then walked away. I did not realize what I just agreed to until I sat next to Britt. I deciding that not telling them about Ace was the best. They said I should spend alone time with them. I also knew that Riley would flip if I told him.
The week went by pretty quickly. I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. No one had asked me about my plans for the weekend and I wasn’t volunteering any information. Ace didn’t talk to me for the rest of the week. I figured he wanted to keep a low profile because it would raise suspicion if we were seen talking. I thought I wasn’t going to have to talk about my weekend plans but it was Friday. Everybody wanted to know.
“So who are you doing this weekend Molly?” Donnie asked.
“What did you just say?” I asked.
“Did I say who? I meant What are you doing this weekend?” He said with a smile.
I rolled my eyes. “I’m going up to Hoboken this weekend.” That wasn’t a lie. I really was going to Hoboken for the weekend. Dad had some office work to do first so I decided to go to the park while he was working. Since that is when I was seeing Ace, I just left that part out.
“You are coming back though right?” He said.
“Of course she is. She wouldn’t leave us.” Riley said putting his arm around me. Across the lunch room I saw Ace looking right at me and then he looked away. It was weird but I didn’t bother thinking about it. The bell rang and I was walking to my next class when someone had pulled my arm causing me to stop.
“Donnie what the hell?” I asked being pretty annoyed. He ignored me and pulled me into an empty classroom.
“You lied.” he said in a low voice.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“You’re not just going to Hoboken. You are seeing Ace before you leave.” He said. He was whispering now.
“How do you know that?” I asked. I whispered back.
“That doesn’t matter. What does is that you are seeing him. Don’t worry I’m not going to tell Riley. Just be careful Molly.” He said putting his hands on my shoulders.
“Why do you sound worried?” I asked being really confused.
“Riley is my best friend Molly. I don’t want to see him get hurt. I know what kind of guy Ace is.” He said.
“You have nothing to worry about Donnie.” I said reassuring him. I walked out of the classroom and went back to my normal day routine. I didn’t worry about how Donnie knew. I was happy that he wasn’t going to tell Riley.
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Hearing about Tommy's Eye

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The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. I didn’t see Ace for the rest of the day. Riley and I did our usual hanging out until my dad was done working. Instead of going into the basement, we decided to sit on the steps in front of his house.
“So you are really coming back on Sunday right?” He asked.
“There’s no long lost love that you are going to reconnect with?”
“ No.”
Holly’s not going to go crazy and kidnap you?”
“No.” I laughed.
“Why are you so worried?”
“Well miss Molly you are a great friend and I’d hate to lose you.”
“Don’t worry you won’t lose me that easily.”
Riley had the same look on his face when he told me he loved me. I knew it was going to be bad but thankfully this little brother showed up. Hooking up with Riley once was bad enough. Doing it again would help anything. I thanked god as Ricky walked passed us into the house. Riley looked pretty annoyed that his little brother ruined his moment.
“So what are you doing this weekend?” I asked trying to get him to think about something else.
“Not much. My sister is coming home from Paris tomorrow.”
“So I finally get to meet the famous Rachel on Monday?”
“Yes. Hopefully she will take Ace back.”
“They used to go out?”
“Yea. They went out for a really long time. They broke up when she went to Paris. He has not had a steady girlfriend since.”
“Well maybe no girl measures up to Rachel.”
“Then why has he taken an interest in you?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Not in a bad way it is just weird. He seems interested in his ex girlfriend younger brother best friend.”
“Oh I get it.” I felt so horrible that I was hanging out with Ace. Riley was jealous and annoyed that Ace might be interested in me. I was thinking of ways of how I could get out of hanging out with him. I soon decided that I was going to have to suck it up and just hang out with him. When I got home I went straight to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


I did my usual getting ready routine. I was doing really well until I ran into a typical girl problem. What in the world was I going to wear? I didn’t want to dress like I wanted to impress him. I didn’t want to dress like I didn’t care what I looked like. I decided on a pullover and jeans. I put on my staples and went down stairs. Dad was already gone. I figured that was a good thing. I decided to just walk to the park and meet Ace there.
I was sitting on a swing lost in my own little world.
“Well it’s nice to see you again.” Ace said with a smile.
“Oh hey sorry I was in my own world. It is nice to see you too.” I said looking up at him.
“It is fine.” He sat on the swing next to me. “How are you on this wonderful day?”
“I’m pretty good. How about you?”
“Well I can’t complain.”
“Riley told me Rachel comes back today.”
“So you know about us?”
“Yea Riley told me.”
“It figures.” He sounded pretty annoyed by this.
“What’s the big deal that he told me?”
“Riley has sharing issues. He didn’t like sharing his sister and he doesn’t like sharing you either.”
Tell me about it. I thought to myself. “What do you mean he doesn’t like sharing her?”
“They are really close and she was with me all the time so he felt like I was taking her from him.”
“Oh I get it. Riley doesn’t know I’m here with you though.”
“Which is a good thing. He would do anything to keep you from hanging out with me.”
“So then why didn’t Donnie tell him? He knows I’m here with you.”
“Donnie warned me to stay away from you because of him, but as you can see I didn’t listen.”
“Why are you here then?”
“I wanted to get my mind off of Rachel. She comes home at two. It has been six months since I saw her. I don’t know how she will react to seeing me.”
“Why though? From what I’ve been told, it seems like you two are madly in love.”
“I’m afraid she doesn’t love me anymore. Who knows what Riley has told her. I haven’t had a girl friend since she left.”
“No one measures up to her?”
“I guess you could say it like that.”
“So out of all the girls in this town, why am I the one to be here?”
“I want to be friends with a girl who won’t be disappointed that we won’t be more than just friends.”
“ Oh I see. You want someone who can keep their mouth shut and not gossip.”
We shouldn’t hide our friendship because it will only look bad if we do. How do I tell Riley though?”
“When I’m not around. I do not want to hear him complain and make stuff up about me.”
“well hopefully he won’t go out and try to kill you.”
“He wouldn’t dare.”
I laughed. “You sound so confident.”
“I am. Hopefully he learned the last time he came after me. Hopefully you are a good enough distraction to not make him even think about it.”
“I actually hope that too.”
We sat there for a while just watching people go by and making fun of them. Being Ace’s friend was a good idea. I wasn’t going to regret this choice.
“I better start heading back home.” I said getting off the swing.
“Ok. I had fun hanging out with you today.”
“I did too. I hope everything works out with Rachel. You’ll have Riley’s blessing this time around.”
“I hope so too. How are you sure of that?”
I laughed. “Why Else?”
He smiled and I started walking home. I made it home without anyone driving by and asking questions. Dad wasn’t home yet so I decided to go up stairs and pack some things for the night. Dad ended up coming home not long after that, and soon we were on our way to our other home.
Once we got there I ran into the house and gave my mom a big hug. I let her go and ran up stairs to see Holly. I opened the door to our room and said
“Honey I’m home.”
“MOLLS!!!” she yelled and then jumped off her bed to hug me.
“I’ve missed you so much.”
“I know. I’ve missed you too.” I let go of her and noticed we were dressed similar.
“I’m not even here and we still manage to do this.” I said with a laugh.
“Well great minds think alike.”
“Very true.” I turned to throw my bag on my bed and noticed a big lump under my covers.
“What’s that?”
“A surprise. Go look and see. I know you will love it.” She said with a big smile. I walked over to my bed and pulled off the covers. I was in shock about my surprise.

You had me at hello~ A Day To Remember

“SKYLARR!!!” I screamed when the shock wore off. My best friend, ex boy friend, first love was my surprise. I jumped on him and hugged him. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until now.
“Hey Molly dolly how have you been?” He asked with a smile.
“I’ve been good. How about you?”
“Amazing at the moment.”
“I’ve missed you so much Sky!”
“Aw I’ve missed you too Molly Dolly.”
“Hey Molls Tia and Nina are coming over soon to hang out want to join?”
“No way. I just got her back. You are not taking her away from me again.” He said grabbing me tightly.
“I thought you two broke up.”
“We did.” We said at the same time.
“Whatever. I’ll leave you two love birds alone just please stay off my bed.” She said and then walked out of our room.
“So are there any new boys in your life?”
“A few.”
“Any of them being a potential boy friend?”
“Nope just friends. Any girls have a chance of being your girl friend?”
“No. People don’t believe that we have broken up.”
“Well it wasn’t one of our better ideas.”
“It was the worst idea ever.”
“The distance thing will drive us crazy though.”
“So we compromise. We should be friends with benefits.”
“We are fine apart but when we are together we can’t be separated.”
This was true. Sky and I have been this way since we met.
“Ok. We are friends with benefits then.” I was making a lot big choices today and wasn’t going to regret any of them. It wasn’t long before Sky and I were lying in my bed with his arms around me. Being with him made me forget about everything else. Basking Ridge and everyone there were not even in the back of my mind. I started to fall asleep when I realized that he was singing our song.

I've never seen a smile that can light the room like yours
It's simply radiant, I feel more with everyday that goes by
I watch the clock so I can make my timing just right
Would it be okay?
Would it be okay if I took your breath away?
That was the last thing I heard before I fell asleep.
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< 3 i love it lexx.... hmmm but those hidden secrets
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Thanks Kat. I'm thinking about changing the title.
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Dealing with Pete in the Locker room

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Secrets   Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:15 pm

hey so its been a really long time and i don't forum hop as much and I guess you don't either but i still adore your writing! Smile
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Hidden Secrets
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