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 My whole noew normal

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PostSubject: My whole noew normal   Sun Aug 23, 2009 12:32 am

My family went through a lot last year... and my mom kept saying "we need to fin a new normal" whenever I complained about wanting things to be normal again. So... I wrote this song. Enjoy!:

"A (Whole) New Normal"

The way that this goes
You aint gonna stop me now
And the one thing no one knows,
Iz the way we're doing it!

The world going by,
Wishing time would slow down.
Let me have this last night,
Your in charge, here's the crown.

[Chorus] it's a whole new normal,
Never gonna let go!
Hoping to find my way
Back to you oh oh oh yeah
It's a whole new normal,
Finding my way too you!
Never seems to end,
But that's ok oh oh oh yeah

Grieving for a lost one,
Hoping for your loved one,
Coming together now
We'll move on somehow
Dreaming of a dear one,
Wishing for the right one
When is it gonna set?
Its our last chance!

[Chorus] x2

[BG] Its a whole new normal... (repeating)

Why? Does it have to be this way?
We can see the light
Not sure I'm ready to go
I'm just gonna stay.

Its a whole new normal,
Not sure I'll let go...

[Chorus] x2

Oh oh oh yeah!
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PostSubject: Re: My whole noew normal   Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:48 am

oh oh oh no. sorry i just can't picture it. what genre is it supposed to be? I couldn't figure out the tune. good title though.
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My whole noew normal
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